Friday, December 22, 2006

The best way to use the online MSDN documentation is through Google :D

Web 2.0, interconnectivity, cooperation etc. Strong competition too. Giants like Google and Microsoft colliding.

Funny stuff though. I'm using the MSDN documentation a lot lately, usually the online version. The problem with it is it's moving excruciatingly slow, and when you're coding furiously this kind of waiting is simply painful.

Solution I came up with in order to speed up the process. Use Google for the search, if you have a decent idea of what you're looking for, the first results will always be from the MSDN. Then go for the "In Cache" option. It's instantaneous :D.

Two thoughts. One: Google is doing a favor to everybody, including his competitors, by providing search and retrieval for all the information available online (this doesn't mean it's against it's own interest) and Two: how pathetic is Microsoft if it can't provide a decent access speed to everybody ? (no, I don't hate Microsoft, this one comes out of sheer frustration)


Anonymous said...

MSDN Search using Google

satov said...

Not the search itself was the biggest problem, but the rendering of the actual help pages. That's what I was saying about the "In cache" option.

Anyway, the google custom search engine is useful.